Place UK has a solid reputation as one of Britain’s leading fruit growers

With 60 years of experience and our unique and diverse offer, all areas of the retail, food service, processing and manufacturing industries benefit from our one-stop-shop approach.

At Place UK we have a workforce of up to 500; we employ many overseas workers who apply to join the company to learn food processing disciplines, modern growing and management practices. We are proud to be the recipient of a Tesco ‘Best Employee Facilities’ certificate which recognizes the attention that we give to all overseas workers in terms of accommodation, health, welfare and social communication facilities such as our internet cafe.

As a second-generation family-run business, our current MD is Tim Place; Tim is involved in all aspects of the business and we operate throughout the year (seasonal variations are certainly a thing of the past!). Since Place UK began, we have grown and diversified our operations to meet the demands of an expanding customer base: our supply lines are 90% for the British marketplace and 10% for export. Traceability and provenance are key our continued success

It’s our workforce that makes Place UK such a successful, cosmopolitan team recognised for quality, reliability and flexibility, globally.