You may if you wish, choose to use the accommodation available at the Farm Camp.

We offer accommodation at the Farm Camp in dormitory buildings, sleeping 3 – 4 people to each room, with separate kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each person is allocated a bunk bed and room key together with locker for their personal use. Each room is supplied with a fridge and small freezer and is heated at the beginning and at the end of the season. Separate toilets and showers are located around the site together with a laundry room.

Please remember this is a Farm Camp. Living conditions can be hard and may not suit everyone, however most participants find that friendship and co-operation are the main ingredients for a happy stay. We offer the open-air life, independence with the opportunity to meet others of similar age and diversity of nationality.
You are expected to comply with the simple rules laid down for the smooth running of the Camp, disregards  of which may result in dismissal.

We arrange to provide the following services to all participants living at the Camp.

  • Preparing documents for the Department of Work and Pensions to enable you to apply for a National Insurance Number
  • Transport to and from Hospital, Doctors and Dentist
  • Big Screen Sky TV and TV Rooms
  • Supply of bed sheet, pillow and pillow case
  • Personal laundry is available at the cost of £1 per washing


We also arrange to provide the subscribers to our Additional Facilities Membership the following benefits and facilities to enhance your stay with us.


  • Minimum 20% discount on products sold at our onsite Shop, Bar and Canteen.
  • Dedicated Member’s advisor available three evenings per week to provide assistance, translations and support with completion of variety of Example but not limited to: Tax Return forms (P85, P86), Car documents, Insurances.
  • Access to arranged event nights (E.g. Disco’s, entertainment evenings and BBQ’s).
  • WiFi Internet access allowance for two hours per day.
  • Discounted Monthly Unlimited WiFi Internet access.
  • Equipment provided for sport facilities (Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis, Pool Tables and Board Games).
  • Access to the Indoor GYM.


  • Members of the Additional Facilities on average save £49.80 per week *   
  • *Calculation based on daily usage of all facilities.


Meals of your own taste can be prepared in the communal kitchen where you will find cookers, ovens and  microwaves. You need to bring your own saucepans and cooking utensils with you. The Shop and Canteen is open lunchtimes and evenings where you can buy your meals if you prefer.


What it costs

If you wish to live on site then an initial Damage Deposit of £50.00 is required when booking. This amount is refundable at the end of your stay providing you have left the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition, returned your keys back and not caused any damage to the property.

Accommodation – This is charged at £49.00 per week.

Additional Facilities – These are charged at £15.15 per week (Inclusive of UK VAT) and should be paid weekly during your stay.


What to bring

Waterproof Coat – Work Clothes and Gloves – Strong Waterproof Boots – Cutlery and Crockery – Saucepans and Cooking Utensils – Towel and Toilet Requisites – Sleeping Bag.

At least £100 (sterling) should be brought to cover your basic living expenses and to cover your accommodation costs in the event that work is limited due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you are currently taking medication you should try and bring enough for your entire stay in the UK, you may wish to bring some other basic medical supplies as they can be expensive in the UK (headache tablets, nasal spray etc.). Although most medical treatment is free in Britain, you are required to pay for all dental treatment and any medicines or drugs prescribed in the event of illness.

Some people bring food with them, remember if you are flying or travelling by coach there are some restrictions on what food you can bring into the UK.

Before arriving at the farm you are advised to have: An up to date Tetanus inoculation, insurance against personal accident as well as loss of belongings and we also strongly advise you to obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) before you arrive in the UK.